Most content reporting and analytics are limited to score and completion.

But with Watershed and Ardent Learning, it’s not just about outcomes or results—it’s about understanding what’s possible and how to design programs that yield true measurement strategies.

Watershed Learning Analytics

Watershed LRS Report Embedding

What does this mean for you?

While Ardent focuses on designing learning that helps you accomplish your L&D goals, Watershed focuses on reporting and measurement that answer questions about reaching those goals. 

That means Watershed clients can partner with Ardent to apply the data they collect in Watershed to make proactive changes to their training materials. And, conversely, Ardent customers can use Watershed to gather more comprehensive data and present that information in meaningful ways. Plus, the arduous task of connecting learning to performance data now becomes easier and more valuable.

Used together, Watershed and Ardent can help you not only track the growth, success, and ROI of your training programs, but also show how your efforts directly impact organizational outcomes and the bottom line.

Tell Me More: Ardent Learning

For nearly 30 years, Ardent Learning has been helping businesses thrive by developing custom learning solutions to train their people and impact business performance. At its core, Ardent Learning’s mission is to show people that what may feel challenging today can positively change their lives tomorrow.

By building successful programs that balance a company's brand and culture with their business goals to create a powerful learning experience, Ardent helps clients and their people continue to reach their goals and perform at the highest level. And now, in partnership with Watershed, Ardent customers have the opportunity to gauge the true effectiveness of their training while improving and tailoring current L&D initiatives.

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