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Liberate your learning data.

Take a closer look at how Behr Process sends and aggregates real-time xAPI statements between its LRS and in-house checklist platform to enhance the user experience.

Join Brian Floyd, director of sales training development at Behr, on Sept. 28 at 10 a.m. CT as he walks you through a live demo of the organization's digital on-boarding checklist. He'll show you how they share training and learning data between multiple systems to reduce new-hire training time, while increasing on-boarding effectiveness and maintaining accountability for everyone involved in the process.

This webinar, which is perfect for both coders and non-coders alike, will explore how:

  • xAPI statements go both ways—it's powerful to send them to an LRS and aggregate, and it is game changing when you pull them back out to enhance the user experience.

  • The x in xAPI is for experience, and what is life but a collection of experiences? xAPI is the language that describes anything in a repeatable, universal way.

  • The nuts and bolts of how xAPI works “under the hood.”

Brian Floyd, Behr Process

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