New Measure Editor


This week’s big release is the all-new Measure Editor. It allows you to easily create trackable data points that any user can analyze in Watershed's reports.


What are measures?

Measures are ways of aggregating specific data points from what you collect. Watershed’s reporting tool Explore comes pre-bundled with several default measures:

  • Total time taken
  • Average score
  • Completion count
  • Last timestamp

Measures are typically numbers that can then be displayed in Watershed’s graphs and charts, but sometimes they can output text that can be displayed in a table using the leaderboard card.



Why do I want to use the Measure Editor?

Default measures can be useful at providing high-level views of your data, while custom measures unique to your data allow you to find deeper insights. In addition to enabling you to create and manage these additional measures in an easy-to-use interface, the measure editor also allows you to create and edit measures for multiple cards at the same time.

Who can use the Measure Editor?

Only Admin users can see the Measure Editor, which can be accessed by selecting Measures on the Settings menu.

How do I start using the Measure Editor?

The Measure Editor was discussed as part of our Product Walkthrough webinar series, which provides a comprehensive look at application and setup of the feature. 


Let's Get Started

Ready to check out the Measure Editor for yourself? Simply login to your Watershed account to get started. As always, please let us know if you have any questions! 

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