Skip Invalid xAPI Statements with Inbound LRS Data Error Logging

By Cassidy Blair | Aug 07, 2018

Watershed's newest feature ensures that the connection between separate Learning Record Stores (LRSs) is maintained when data sources deliver bad statements.

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Watershed's Dashboard Quick Filters

By Cassidy Blair | Aug 01, 2018

Dashboard Quick Filters allow users to filter multiple reports without needing to access Report Builder, Watershed’s report creation tool. These filters, which aren’t saved, are easy to use and perfect for providing limited control to users who aren’t familiar with Watershed.

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Compare Performance Metrics with Accumulation Aggregation

By Cassidy Blair | Jul 18, 2018

Use Watershed's Accumulation Aggregation feature to compare performance metrics for different time periods. 

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Compare Learning Performance with Watershed's Unfiltered Line Feature

By Cassidy Blair | Jul 03, 2018

The Unfiltered Line option allows users to compare filtered and unfiltered data on the same Line Report. Users can now easily compare an individual’s performance to their team’s performance or compare performance on an individual activity versus average performance across activities.

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Measure Value Filter & Last Value Count Aggregation

By Cassidy Blair | Jul 02, 2018

We have recently added the Measure Value Filter and the Last Value Count Aggregation features to Watershed. Keep reading to learn more about how these features change the user experience.

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How to Write xAPI Statements for Quizzes and Questions [GUIDE]

By Andrew Downes | Jun 27, 2018

Whether it’s from L&D vendors or organizations building custom e-learning courses or assessments, the xAPI statement question we’re asked most often is: How do I design xAPI statements for quizzes and questions?

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Date Format Controls & Measure Search

By Cassidy Blair | Jun 25, 2018

Our two latest Watershed updates include the ability to customize the date format in your reporting and make it easier to find measures in the Report Builder.

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xAPI & Alexa: My Voice Is My Passport

By Geoff Alday | May 16, 2018
In the 1992 movie "Sneakers," Robert Redford’s character Marty uses a taped recording of an employee’s voice to break into an office building. All in an effort to clear his name. This almost-failed interaction adds phenomenal dramatic tension and is one of the first times I saw voice technology used in movie that wasn't science fiction.
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Tracking Virtual Reality Simulations in Watershed [How-To]

By Geoff Alday | May 14, 2018

A few months ago, I began exploring how emerging technologies can be used with Watershed. The first exploration with voice technology was quite fun, which led to more than a few ideas about where to go next. One idea definitely stood out: virtual reality (VR).

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Quick Filters Let Users View and Customize Watershed Reports

By Brooks Alford | Apr 10, 2018

Quick Filters allow your users to filter reports without needing to access Watershed’s report creation tool, Report Builder. These filters—which are easy to use—are perfect for providing limited report control to users who aren’t familiar with Watershed.

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