Group Intersect Filters and Language Map Support


Our two latest Watershed updates include the ability to select people who are in multiple groups and to easily work with data that has different language tags.

Group Intersect Filters

When creating People Filters in Report Builder, you can create Group Intersect Filters that only include people that belong to multiple groups.

Watershed Group Intersect FiltersUsing Group Intersect Filters in Report Builder

In the example shown above, only people who are in both the Midwest Sales group and in the Director group are selected.

Group Intersect Filters were previously only available in Advanced Configuration, but this popular feature is now being introduced to the Report Builder UI.

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Language Map Support

In xAPI, statement properties like can contain particular languages (e.g. or

Now, rather than configuring specific language on your reports, you only need to configure the language map itself (e.g. Then, Watershed will include all languages available. This makes the process of working with data that includes a mix of language tags, such as en and en-US, much simpler.

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