Skip Invalid xAPI Statements with Inbound LRS Data Error Logging


Watershed's newest feature ensures that the connection between separate Learning Record Stores (LRSs) is maintained when data sources deliver bad statements.

Inbound LRS Data Error Logging

What is it?

All xAPI-conformant LRSs are required to validate incoming learning data. This means data sent to Watershed from another LRS should be valid.

However, if an LRS sent invalid data to Watershed in the past, Watershed would generate an error message and stop receiving statements until the error was fixed. Otherwise, neglecting to validate statements would have resulted in reports with bad data and misleading information.  

With Inbound LRS Data Error Logging, Watershed skips invalid statements sent from other LRSs while continuing to accept good statements. Now, bad xAPI statements are skipped and can be found in a statement log (see below).

Watershed Inbound LRS Data Error Logging

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Where Can I Get Help?

For more information on Inbound LRS Data Error Logging, read our help section article.

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