How to Track Data in VR Training [Distributed Learning]

By Peter Dobinson | Oct 09, 2019

If you’re like most of us, you’ve delved into the world of virtual reality—whether it’s exploring cities on Google Earth, playing games with friends, or viewing works of art at the Louvre. But VR can also play a practical role when it comes to your distributed learning programs.

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What is Distributed Learning? [Introduction]

By Andrew Downes | May 23, 2018

People have an inherent desire to learn, but how we learn best is still up for debate. In this series, we explore trends related to distributed learning and what they mean in practice.

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What L&D Needs to Know about Negative Learning

By Andrew Downes | Nov 01, 2016

All learning is good, right? Not always. In this distributed learning post, find out how to prevent bad techniques and wrong information from being shared across your organization.

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Easy Tips to Enhance Self-Directed Learning

By Andrew Downes | Oct 26, 2016

In this installment of our Distributed Learning series, find out how you can use L&D data to support self-directed learning across your organization.

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How to Boost Work-Based Learning [Guide]

By Andrew Downes | Oct 12, 2016

People often learn how to do their jobs through work-based learning, or by trying different approaches to see what works and what doesn’t. In this Distributed Learning post, we’ll explain how you can use learning data to reinforce efficient work-based learning in your organization.

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3 Ways to Support Workplace Informal Learning

By Andrew Downes | Oct 05, 2016

In our last Distributed Learning blog post, we discussed ways to capture social learning. Now, we’ll show you how to use that data so you can support and enhance that learning within your organization.

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How to Capture & Track Social Learning [Worksheet]

By Andrew Downes | Sep 28, 2016

Informal learning is constantly happening across your organization. And when you recognize it, you can take actions to support and enhance these informal, social learning experiences. In this Distributed Learning blog post, we’ll explore strategies to help you get started.

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Distributed Learning & Prioritization: Act (Step 4)

By Andrew Downes | Sep 20, 2016

Last time, we discussed how the purpose of capturing data is to learn. And now that you have these learning evaluation insights, it’s time to take action and start adjusting your learning and training programs.

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Distributed Learning & Prioritization: Learn (Step 3)

By Andrew Downes | Sep 06, 2016

You can’t improve distributed learning experiences without first gaining important insights from captured data. In this post, we’ll explain the different questions and potential insights you might gain from various data sources.

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Distributed Learning & Prioritization: Track (Step 2)

By Andrew Downes | Aug 31, 2016

Now that you’ve identified what you want to track, it’s time to design and implement that tracking and reporting. In this Distributed Learning post, we’ll show you how tools, such as xAPI, can help you capture data from learning experiences.

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