Data Capture Strategies for Distributed Learning [Worksheet]

By Andrew Downes | Aug 17, 2016

We’ve explored several concepts about distributed learning, and now we’ll show you what they look like in practice. In this post, we discuss data capture strategies for distributed learning activities that aren’t initiated by the L&D team—including Experience API, data connectors, self-reporting, observation, and more.

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Curate Content & External Resources with xAPI [Worksheet]

By Andrew Downes | Aug 10, 2016

In our last post, we discussed the importance of content curation, as high-quality learning materials are becoming more readily available outside the workplace. And while there’s opportunity in empowering learners to curate resources for one another, are those resources always relevant or complete?

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Content Curation & Distributed Learning [Guide]

By Andrew Downes | Aug 03, 2016

With the growing wealth of online learning materials coupled with well-organized, in-house microlearning episodes, knowing how to curate content is becoming exceedingly important—as it filters the best training and development materials while allowing learners to find the resources best suited for their individual needs.

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What are the benefits of microlearning? [Worksheet]

By Andrew Downes | Jul 27, 2016

Microlearning is a popular learning trend that targets a single learning objective and lasts anywhere from a few minutes down to a few seconds. This type of learning is usually designed in a series of high-quality, distilled experiences that are given to learners during a certain timeframe.

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How to Track Distributed Learning with xAPI [Guide]

By Andrew Downes | Jul 21, 2016

Older learning specifications, such as SCORM, focused heavily on formal training, which meant they painted limited pictures of learners. See how Experience API (xAPI) is being used to track and support all learning experiences, including social interactions and on-the-job development.

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70:20:10 Model & The Internet [Worksheet]

By Andrew Downes | Jul 11, 2016

In this installment of our distributed learning series, we continue our focus on the 70:20:10 learning model by discussing how the internet may be impacting your employees’ learning. We’ll also cover some common misconceptions regarding this popular learning model.

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What's the 70 20 10 Rule for Learning & Development? [Survey]

By Andrew Downes | Jun 30, 2016

Know how to support effective distributed learning experiences in your organization? In this post, we cover the growing popularity of the 70:20:10 model, which helps L&D leaders focus on informal and social learning activities.

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