L&D Survey Results: Red Flags, the C-Suite & More

By Lizelle Holstein | Feb 07, 2018

A lot has happened during the past year. SpaceX became the first to successfully re-launch and land the first stage of an orbital rocket. A total solar eclipse blocked out the sun across the United States. And, perhaps most surprising, executives started to take notice of L&D’s existence.

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Bringing Standards to the L&D Profession: The TDRp Initiative

By David Vance | Sep 25, 2017

In 2010, I joined forces with 29 other L&D industry leaders to create Talent Development Reporting Principles (TDRp) with the goal of establishing a standard framework for L&D. Inspired by the measures and standards used in accounting, we set out to create a standard framework for L&D. And, after 24 rounds of revisions, we finalized a framework that not only provides a type of standards similar to those in accounting, but also provides a common language for the world of L&D.

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xAPI & Learning Fitness

By Gordon Trujillo | Nov 08, 2016

Anyone who knows me also knows how much I like to participate in sports and coach activities that test fitness. Consequently, I see a lot of similarities in how we, as learners, need great teachers and coaches to help us realize the potential to be better than yesterday.

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