Learning Analytics Categories [UPDATED]

By Andrew Downes | Jan 29, 2019

We’ve introduced our Learning Analytics Research Study and explained how learning categories are split into dimensions. And now it’s time to explore results from our study, starting with an overview of these categories, including two new categories we discovered.

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Learning Analytics Analytics

By Andrew Downes | Jan 21, 2019

In our last blog post, we introduced our latest series that focuses on findings from our Learning Analytics Research Study—during which we collected and analyzed data to see how real organizations are implementing learning analytics. We're kicking things off by sharing insights from overall Watershed report usage and how certain times of the year can affect both learning data and reports of different types and categorizations.

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Corporate Learning Analytics in Practice [Introduction]

By Andrew Downes | Jan 08, 2019

During the summer of 2018, we conducted a Learning Analytics Research Study to research how our clients are actually implementing these analytics. This research aimed to place organizations on the learning analytics triangle as a measure of maturity, and to paint a picture of what this looked like during 2018.* In this blog series, we’ll explore the results from our study and how real people are doing real learning analytics.

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Learning Analytics Explained: A Recap

By Mike Rustici | Mar 08, 2017

Since we started our What's Learning Analytics series, there seems to have been an explosion of dialogue about this topic. We’re particularly excited to see so many of the “Predictions for 2017” include data and analytics as a trend that will blossom in the coming year.

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5 Steps of Learning Analytics

By Mike Rustici | Mar 06, 2017

Knowing how to effectively use learning analytics is a priority for many learning and development (L&D) professionals—but for many practitioners, simply getting started is often the hardest part. 

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BONUS: Learning Operations Analytics

By Mike Rustici | Mar 02, 2017

In our prior posts, we defined three categories of learning analytics. Now, it's time for one last "bonus" category—learning operations analytics.

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Real-World Learning Analytics: Visa

By Gordon Trujillo | Feb 22, 2017

This week, our learning and development (L&D) spotlight is on Gordon Trujillo, who is the senior director for digital learning at Visa. With more than 17 years of professional experience, Gordon talks about how Visa uses learning analytics to continuously improve the learning culture across the organization.

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Real-World Learning Analytics: Bridgestone Americas

By Monica Griggs | Feb 16, 2017

Our spotlight on learning and development (L&D) practitioners continues this week, as we talk with Monica Griggs, director of commercial training at Bridgestone Americas. In this post, Monica shares her professional insights and recommendations for creating and maintaining a world-class learning program. 

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Real-World Learning Analytics: Halliburton

By Amir Bar | Feb 14, 2017

This week, we're featuring Amir Bar, who is an instructional designer and learning product developer for Halliburton, as he shares his experience and professional learning and development (L&D) insights when it comes to building and maintaining a successful learning program. 

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Real-World Learning Analytics: Applied Industrial Technologies (Pt. 2)

By Andy Webb | Feb 10, 2017

Building on part one of his blog post, Andy Webb of Applied Industrial Technologies shares how a learning analytics platform has helped increase efficiency within his organization and explains how to get executive buy-in.

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