Evaluate Learning Effectiveness to Improve Programs [Step 6]

By Andrew Downes | Mar 28, 2018

We've discussed all the steps leading up to evaluating your learning program—and now it's time to actually evaluate learning so you can determine what's working and what needs improvement.

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Monitor and Evaluate Learning Program Success Along the Way [Step 5]

By Andrew Downes | Mar 20, 2018

Now that your learning program is live, it's time to monitor the success and progress toward the program goals. Here's how to get started.

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Design Training for Effective Learning Evaluation [Step 4]

By Andrew Downes | Mar 08, 2018

In this installment of our seven steps for learning evaluation, we'll show you how to design the program itself—including how to capture, aggregate, display, and use data related to evaluation metrics.

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What's Working in Your Current Learning Evaluation Practices? [Step 3]

By Andrew Downes | Feb 21, 2018

Just because learning is already happening in your organization, there's no guarantee each instance is being done well. And now that we’ve covered the first two steps for effective learning evaluation, it’s time to discover exactly which learning programs are working in your organization.

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Define L&D Metrics for Effective Learning Evaluation [Step 2]

By Andrew Downes | Feb 13, 2018

We've outlined seven practical steps when evaluating learning programs. Here, we'll discuss the second step in the learning evaluation process—identifying the success metrics most appropriate to the organization. 

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Align Training Program Priorities for Learning Evaluation [Step 1]

By Andrew Downes | Jan 30, 2018

In our last learning evaluation post, we outlined seven practical steps for evaluating learning programs. Now, it's time to dig into the first of the seven steps, as we show you how to identify program goals and evaluate alignment with overall organizational and strategic priorities. 

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An Overview: Phillips Model for Learning Evaluation

By Andrew Downes | Apr 04, 2017

When we originally published our Learning Evaluation eBook and blog series, we covered four learning evaluation models representing a range of approaches and perspectives: Kirkpatrick, Kaufman, Brinkerhoff, and Anderson.

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An Overview: Anderson's Model for Learning Evaluation

By Andrew Downes | Jan 06, 2016

Get a better understanding of Anderson's Value of Learning model, which outlines a three-stage learning evaluation cycle that’s meant to be applied at the organization level, rather than for specific learning interventions.

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An Overview: Brinkerhoff's Method for Learning Evaluation

By Andrew Downes | Dec 17, 2015

Brinkerhoff’s Success Case Method (SCM) focuses on qualitative analysis and crafting stories from discussions with a small number (i.e. about two to six) of affected parties. But this model is not restricted to learning, as it can be used to analyze any major business change, such as the purchase of new equipment or implementation of a new process.

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An Overview: Kaufman's Levels of Learning Evaluation

By Andrew Downes | Dec 08, 2015

Kaufman's Levels of Learning Evaluation is one of several learning evaluation models that builds on or reacts to Kirkpatrick’s model. In this blog post, find out more about the two main differences between Kaufman's learning model and Kirkpatrick's model.

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