Upgrade Watershed Essentials LRS.

Upgrade reporting & flexibility.

Basic reports not cutting it? If you'd like to add configurable reports, multiple dashboards, or competency or performance evaluation, it’s time to upgrade to a Learning Analytics Platform. Try Watershed Analyst, which includes your existing Essentials LRS dashboard and so much more.


Upgrade Options

Going from a basic LRS to a full-fledged Learning Analytics Platform (LAP) provides additional functionality, insight, and support. Watershed offers three Learning Analytics Platforms:


Exploratory insights:

Create and share custom reports from multiple dashboards.

Starting at

$1,600 / mo

Analyst includes multiple dashboards, a report builder and explore tool, report embedding, and the ability to reflect different groups of learners within your programs.
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Advanced insights:

Measure effectiveness and find relationships.

Starting at

$3,900 / mo

CLO tier adds advanced reporting and analytics options, including learning program analysis, organizational hierarchies, extended API access, and more.
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Sky's the limit:

This SaaS platform is ready for your most demanding requirements.

Contact us for more info and pricing.

Options include: SSO, HRIS integration, custom hosting requirements, specific security requrements, demanding SLAs, sandbox accounts, custom styling, and more. 
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