Nuance Communication and Watershed Learning Evaluation


Nuance uses Watershed to reduce onboarding time in a complex environment by acting on the  commonalities and inconsistencies revealed across the learner journey.

Business Challenge

Nuance Communications is a leading provider of voice and language solutions for businesses, organizations and consumers around the world. Specifically in healthcare, Nuance provides a more natural and insightful approach to clinical documentation, freeing clinicians to spend more time caring for patients.

For Nuance to develop cutting-edge solutions for healthcare providers, its team must be extremely knowledgeable regarding the U.S. healthcare system. Nuance’s learning department has a massive challenge—and opportunity—to effectively deliver and manage learning content in both a formal context and in a collaborative environment for exchanging ideas.

Data Challenge

What happens when individuals already know the concepts they are to be trained on? In Nuance’s case, learners can test out of required training modules. When done manually, this proved a nightmare to track and manage.

Additionally, Nuance had no way of tracking interactions on the collaborative Jive platform. Nuance needed the capability to identify how learners were collaborating while simultaneously tracking users testing out of various learning modules.


Watershed Completion Comparison Chart for NuanceWith help from Watershed, Nuance successfully implemented xAPI in its Jive platform and exported activity from its Absorb learning management system (LMS). Using Watershed’s configurable dashboards, Nuance is now able to tell the complete stories of learners’ journeys and systematically identify which individuals were testing out of modules and how they’re testing out.

For instance, Nuance can gauge:

  • the percentage of learners who are testing out
  • if learners are trying to mislead the system by retaking the pre-test
  • if learners who fail the initial pre-test end up scoring higher overall after completing the content