Watershed Developer & Debugging Tools

A full toolbox for your developers. 

We know how important it is to have good, clean data and plenty of options for working with that data—whether it's coming from native xAPI tools or translated data from your CRM.

That’s why every tier of Watershed comes bundled with helpful developer tools to help you make everything look good under the hood—including an LRS statement viewer, a user impersonation tool, searchable error logs, and advanced configuration.

A tattletale you'll actually like.

Watershed's handy debugging tools provide real-time, informative feedback that enables developers to quickly troubleshoot issues and check unexpected results.

Developers and admins can access an easy-to-search error log that provides clear explanations of why xAPI statements may have been rejected as invalid. And, once developers fix a bug, they can archive it so only outstanding issues appear.


Watershed Developer Tools
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