Because all Watershed tiers include full xAPI access, all the API resources and methods defined by the xAPI specification are fully supported by Watershed and can be used to store and retrieve data. Watershed also features additional API resources on top of the minimum defined by xAPI.*

Almost any action that can be performed in the user interface can also be performed via API. This includes:

  • Creating and managing reports and dashboards.

  • Creating and managing people, groups, and permissions.

  • Automatically importing learning data from non-xAPI sources.

  • Managing xAPI credentials and activity provider permissions.

  • Getting aggregated data.

People most commonly use our APIs to integrate with HR systems to manage people, groups, and permissions. Other examples of how clients utilize our APIs include: 

  • Using data generated by a Watershed report to identify the most active LMS courses and then automatically creating and managing a dashboard of reports for the top daily courses.

  • Using Watershed’s CSV import as an xAPI connector instead of creating and hosting a connector application.

  • Creating short-lived, limited permission xAPI credentials for tracked client-side e-learning courses, where credentials are more at risk of falling into the wrong hands.

  • Automatically creating a Watershed trial account for each trial signup for a partner application.

  • Automatically creating reports and embed codes to share relevant reports in other applications.

  • Supplementing Watershed’s UI to support specific requirements of an organization, such as batch managing report cards or displaying reports in a particular layout. 

*These additional APIs are available at CLO and Enterprise tiers and are documented on our support website.
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