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Watch Mike Rustici's TED talk during Lumesse's Learning Lounge at Learning Technologies 2017.

We have an industry that’s been stagnant for 15 years. I want to tear down the dam that’s been suppressing change and unleash a flood of innovation. There’s a huge opportunity to improve L&D via analytics. —Mike Rustici
In this recording, listen as Mike Rustici describes how using learning and performance data is revolutionizing organizations—and even saving lives. 

About the Presenter

About Mike RusticiAs an innovative software developer turned entrepreneur, Mike Rustici has been defining the eLearning industry for nearly 20 years. After co-founding Rustici Software in 2002, Mike helped guide the first draft of the xAPI (a.k.a Tin Can API or Experience API) and invented the concept of a Learning Record Store (LRS), which revolutionizing the L&D world. In 2013, he delivered on the promise of Tin Can with the creation of Watershed, the flagship LRS that bridges the gap between training and performance.

He continues to be an expert in the area of eLearning conformance as well as Learning and Development analytics. He’s also presented on various topics, ranging from disruptive technology and performance improvement to company culture and business innovation.

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