The requirements for learning technology have evolved because organizations and their employees have evolved. Today, people are learning in many ways, often outside of conventional L&D systems. But investing in the tools to deliver and measure learning in a modern ecosystem requires new approaches to selecting technology as well. Some organizations may just be starting to dabble in learning beyond the LMS, while others aim to fully transform how they deliver and measure L&D.

Regardless of where you fall on the “innovation” spectrum, though, RFPs are still geared toward the same old systems.

Join Todd Tauber, Degreed’s VP of Product Marketing, and Mike Rustici, CEO of Watershed, for a 30-minute webinar to learn:

  • What questions to ask when evaluating tools for a modern learning ecosystem

  • How to identify the capabilities you really need instead of the product you think you need to deliver, track, and analyze formal and informal learning

  • Three examples of how leading-edge organizations have successfully created an RFP for a modern learning ecosystem

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