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Watershed LRS is a learning analytics platform that provides actionable insights from training or performance data in real time.
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No more waiting.

Understand your learning and performance in real time with a dashboard of elegant, comprehensive reports.

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Prove the value of your programs.

Watershed helps you better understand your training, the competencies of your people, and how it measurably affects the business.

Learners & Training

Stop asking “did they complete it?” and start asking “was it effective?” Watershed provides interaction level reporting as broad or detailed as you need.

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Skills & Competencies

Pinpoint deficiencies and start leveraging what your people are good at. Watershed maps the strengths and weaknesses of your organization—no matter how complex.

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Impact on the Business

Bridge the gap between learning and performance. Watershed lets you discover the correlation between learning activities and business outcomes so you can start making smart decisions.

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Why Watershed?

There are many analytics tools. Watershed is different.

You don't need an analyst

Stop digging through data. As events happen, information is filtered into expandable summary cards tailored towards answering your questions.

We won't let you drown

You’ve got help along the way. Watershed is not just a software license—it comes standard with a dedicated team of people to help you succeed.

Bragging is easy

It’s hard to argue with compelling data and insights. Easily share live reports to anyone within your organization.


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