L&D Survey Results: Red flags, the C-suite, and more

By Watershed Insights | Feb 7, 2018

A lot has happened during the past year. SpaceX became the first to successfully re-launch and land the first stage of an orbital rocket. A total solar eclipse blocked out the sun across the United States. And, perhaps most surprising, executives started to take notice of L&D’s existence.

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How to Build a Data Ecosystem Diagram with Room to Grow

By Watershed Insights | Dec 21, 2017

We’re taking a quick detour from our Data Storytelling series for a bonus lesson on how to get to the data that will become the star of your story. In this post, we’ll tell you why visualizing a data ecosystem for your organization is important and how you can build your own. It all comes down to maps—the most visual way to represent where you are and where you can go. Similarly, before you can use data, you have to know where to find it and where to send it.

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Knowing Your Audience is Key to Great Data Storytelling

By Watershed Insights | Dec 4, 2017

Up to this point in our Data Storytelling series we’ve not only covered the importance of telling stories with data, but also how to structure stories using the Hero’s Journey. But like any great writer, you need to consider two critical aspects before putting pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard). Specifically, you need to know your audience and your goal for telling them your story—otherwise, you risk wasting a lot of time and losing the interest of key stakeholders.

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Business Storytelling Models for L&D: Data and the Hero's Journey

By Watershed Insights | Nov 14, 2017

So far in this blog series, we’ve discussed the importance of data storytelling and covered how to use the STAR model to share your achievements as you might during a job interview. Now, we’ll explore how to draw from Hollywood’s version of storytelling—using the Hero’s Journey framework (departure, initiation, return)—to create an engrossing, transformative story.

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Why L&D Should Use Data in Business Storytelling

By Watershed Insights | Oct 31, 2017

As an L&D practitioner, you collect learning data, build reports, and create analytics infrastructure to make better-informed decisions. But if no one is listening to you, then what’s the point? In this post, we'll explore the basics of crafting an interesting, compelling story with your L&D data.

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An Intro: The Art of L&D Data Storytelling

By Watershed Insights | Oct 24, 2017

Once you’ve collected, measured, and evaluated your learning data—what’s next? How do you use that information to promote L&D and show off the value and impact of your learning programs? Knowing how to craft engaging and interesting stories that directly relate to various areas, teams, and departments across your organization takes careful planning and execution.

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Bringing Standards to the L&D Profession: The TDRp Initiative

By David Vance | Sep 25, 2017

In 2010, I joined forces with 29 other L&D industry leaders to create Talent Development Reporting Principles (TDRp) with the goal of establishing a standard framework for L&D. Inspired by the measures and standards used in accounting, we set out to create a standard framework for L&D. And, after 24 rounds of revisions, we finalized a framework that not only provides a type of standards similar to those in accounting, but also provides a common language for the world of L&D.

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A Recap: Aligning L&D with Business Goals

By Watershed Insights | Aug 15, 2017

Creating L&D programs that build employees’ knowledge and help them meet their goals is important. And it’s just as important that your programs align with your organization’s overall objectives.

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How to Gain Stakeholder Buy-In for L&D Success

By Watershed Insights | Aug 7, 2017

In our last business goal alignment post, we discussed how to encourage cross-departmental teamwork in the workplace and the importance of lending a hand to those from whom you may eventually need help. However, you can’t really help your coworkers unless you know what’s needed or how to accomplish it. That's why you need to take time to understand what’s critical for your peers to successfully reach their objectives.

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How to Support Teamwork in the Workplace

By Watershed Insights | Jul 18, 2017

Now that you understand the importance of building and fostering office relationships, it’s time to build on those skills. In this post, we’ll discuss how taking on extra responsibility provides visibility for your team and an opportunity to learn more about how other departments perceive and measure the organization’s success. 

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