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Organizations spend $130 billion on training.

How do they know it’s working?

Watershed lets you measure training effectiveness and optimize your investments in learning.


Watershed helps you:

Track learning wherever it happens

Track all learning wherever it happens.

Stop manually creating spreadsheets

Stop digging through spreadsheets.

Prove the impact of your learning programs

Prove the impact of your programs.

Gain a better understanding of L&D programs

Gain peace of mind by making data-driven decisions.

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Dashboards Designed Just for You

Regardless of your approach to delivering learning programs, Watershed’s dashboards and reports help you explore what’s happening to get the insights you need.


Get a clearer view of your learning data.

Dive deeper into the detail of learning data your LMS hides away. Monitor learning completions, explore question responses, and track the whole learning program.

Track your learning programs.

Ditch ineffective content.

What’s working? What’s not? Watershed shows you the most popular and impactful content so you can focus on providing the best resources and cut unnecessary spending on scrap learning.

Watershed Learner Heat Map

Find your superstars.

Identify your best learners, what they’re doing, and how they’re learning. Use Watershed to find the most effective learning paths to inspire future programs.

Watershed Scatter Plot

Identify gaps in your learning program.

You’ve defined competencies across roles for a reason. Watershed maps organizational competencies so you can quickly pinpoint skills that need more attention.

Watershed Spider Chart

Discover unexpected relationships.

Do the employees who spend more time training perform better than other employees? Maybe. Watershed removes the guesswork and finds interesting relationships across multiple data sets.

Watershed Line Chart
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Who We've Helped

"A lot of what we’re doing in our learning program wasn’t measurable before Watershed, so this implementation is largely around visibility. Long-term success will be proving out the toolset learning data, and, eventually, performance management data. We’ll be able to develop interesting questions we never were able to ask."

Gordon Trujillo, Visa

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"We understand that xAPI is a potentially game-changing technology. Working with Watershed was a great opportunity to get our feet wet and take out some of the mystery."

Mark Jones, YUM! Brands

View YUM! Brands Client Strory

"This technology gives us a tool to more precisely evaluate our performance as a department. It helps us identify what programs to change, which to retire, and when to introduce new ones to improve engagement and affect performance."

Per Ferdinandson, Pandora Jewelry

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"We were able to use a scientifically valid approach to measure and prove the existing high level of our employees’ ethical behavior in a specific area of compliance."

Larla Bogle, AT&T

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"This technology is the future of how learning can be measured effectively and show its impact on the business. Before Watershed, we had some visibility, but not nearly as detailed as we’d like. Watershed can help us understand better where we’re having an impact and how much of an impact."

B.J. Schone, Autodesk

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"We were able to start showing a return on investment in an individual’s training and track the progress of an individual as they started to exhibit behaviour change as a result of learning interventions (Kirkpatrick Levels 3 and 4). We started referring to the insights from Watershed as the ‘holy grail’ of learning."

Richard Price, The National Health Service (UK)

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