A Learning Analytics Platform to measure and prove the business impact of learning

Collect and standardize data across your learning ecosystem to automate reporting, reduce scrap learning, and aid in the continuous improvement of learning and development.

By connecting our ecosystem using an LRS, we’re opening our doors to an exciting "big-data" approach. We can now start to measure and benchmark learner KPIs; we’re laying the foundations that shift us to an insights-driven, analytical world of L&D.

Frédéric Hebert, Danone

From onboarding and leadership development to sales training and compliance, Watershed’s enterprise-ready learning analytics tool brings your data together in a data-driven approach that's critical to improving learning programs, competencies, and business impacts.

Connect your learning ecosystem.

Learning happens everywhere, and now you can capture that data in a Learning Record Store made by the people who invented the concept. Watershed aggregates data from learning and performance systems via xAPI, proprietary connectors, and our data conversion engine.

Evaluate your learning programs from multiple angles.

Watershed is more than an LRS. It’s a learning analytics platform designed just for L&D that offers comprehensive reporting on all your learning programs. And did we mention it also can serve as the system of record for all your learning and performance data?

Create, automate, and share reports.

So long spreadsheets. Choose from preconfigured reports that answer your most pressing questions, or tailor your experience with our Report Builder to build the perfect dynamic dashboards. Send reports to team leads, embed them in business systems, or schedule recurring email updates to key stakeholders.

Share Learning Reports and Results
Share Learning Reports and Results

Our Expertise

From helping create xAPI to developing the first learning analytics platform powered by xAPI, our team of learning and technology experts have helped some of the world’s biggest organizations achieve their measurement goals while addressing data security, enterprise integration, and scalability to handle massive data sets.

Want to get started with learning analytics?

Here's how to build a business case for investing in data-driven insights.

A learning analytics platform collects your learning ecosystem data and turns it into insights that inform your people, learning, and business strategy.

These data-driven insights are broadly grouped by learner analytics, learning content analytics, and learning program analytics. And once you've invested in them, you'll wonder how you ever made decisions that weren't informed by data.

But for most organizations, a learning analytics platform is a new system. And while you may be sold on the vision, you may need a little help taking the rest of the organization with you. Our complete guide will help you win over those all-important stakeholders.

How to Build a Business Case for Learning Analytics

Ready to get started?

Our team of learning and technology experts is here to help you build an evidence-based learning strategy so you can get the most out of Watershed—and your learning programs.

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