Learning Measurement for Aviation

Improve reporting on aviation training for pilots, cabin crew, and technicians.

As a highly regulated industry, aviation conducts and processes on-the-job and in-the-field assessments in addition to required recertification and compliance training programs.

However, with a workforce spanning many job roles and functions—including pilots, technicians, cabin crew, customer support, and operations management—there’s no single view to keep track of competency and certification levels or validity for hundreds or thousands of employees across the organization.

Watershed can aggregate, standardize, and report on aviation training and performance data from systems, such as a learning management system (LMS), training management system (TMS), and automatic flight control system (AFCS), and more.

By using Watershed, you can:

  • Provide reporting on media-heavy training that is auditable, configurable, and flexible for recurrent pilot training regulations.
  • Identify the most effective aviation technician training, and review high and low performers on measures—such as KPIs, competencies, or assessment scores using the scatter plot.
  • Compare cabin crew training assessment data alongside passenger satisfaction.

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