Automotive Training Reporting

Learning measurement for the automotive industry.

From improving auto mechanic skills and reducing repeat repairs, to boosting product knowledge and increasing product sales, training employees in the automotive industry can have a direct impact on the profitability of a dealership.

It’s challenging to get a clear view of how training impacts performance when training data is siloed across video platforms, learning management systems, learning experience, platforms, compliance systems, and more.

Watershed aggregates and reports on your automotive training, sales, and service data so you have a single source of truth. That means you can evaluate learning and make improvements that reduce repeat repairs, support product launches and promotions, and improve your extended dealer network all in one place.

By using Watershed, you can:

  • Compare training across different production groups and drill down into question-level detail.
  • Combine information from service systems alongside training data to see if there’s a relationship between repair training and repeat repair instances.
  • Uncover if training is effective or if there are outside impacts on performance.
  • Create a vehicle-specific dashboard just for the sales team, and provide access by region, model, year.
  • Evaluate if product knowledge improves sales, and identify top performers.
  • Provide dashboards for different dealers so they can see not only training, but also performance info related to repeat repairs, visits, competitions (cars sold), and more.

Ready to get started?

Our team of learning and technology experts is here to help you build an evidence-based learning strategy so you can get the most out of Watershed—and your learning programs.

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