Customer Service Reporting

Track and measure customer service training and impact.

Research shows that 89% of consumers are more likely to make another purchase after a positive customer service experience. That’s why it’s critical for organizations to deliver effective and impactful customer service training for their employees.

But how do you know what training actually maximizes customer satisfaction? After all, training can span across product and service knowledge, customer service skills, competency in using customer service tools, and more.

Watershed can aggregate training and performance data from learning systems, ticketing platforms, performance support tools, video platforms, and more. That means you can start answering questions about not only if customer service training is effective, but also how that knowledge is applied on the job.

With Watershed you can:

  • Track customer satisfaction scores across individuals or cohorts.
  • Identify top performers with a timeline of their activities.
  • Compare changes in knowledge by combining pre- and post-test scores.
  • Uncover knowledge gaps and improve content and assessments.
  • Run correlations between learners’ assessment scores and their respective customer satisfaction scores.

Ready to get started?

Our team of learning and technology experts is here to help you build an evidence-based learning strategy so you can get the most out of Watershed—and your learning programs.

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