Financial Services Training Reporting

Improve Financial Services training impact.

According to PwC’s 2020 paper on financial service technologies, the current state of learning in the banking and financial services industry is focused on identifying skills gaps so you can transform your organization to a future state that enables innovation and collaboration.

And in order to do this, you need to understand what’s already working (and what’s not working) so you can develop learning experiences that fill these skills gaps in executives, IT and non-IT employees.

Watershed aggregates learning and performance data to provide reporting that helps you showcase the impact that training programs have on the core KPIs of the business. With centralized reporting, you can not only analyze learner performance on compliance training and new hire training, but also set benchmarks and identify areas for improvement.

By using Watershed, you can:

  • Show financial acumen assessment comparisons between geographic branches.
  • Conduct question-level analysis on specific question responses, individual responses, and views into difficulty of questions.
  • View progress of new hires across onboarding program milestones.
  • Evaluate the relationship between new promotional activities (credit card applications) and content consumed.
  • Map core competencies of banking staff to compare with averages or benchmarks set by the organization.

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