Reporting on Healthcare Training

Improve compliance reporting and learning measurement for healthcare.

Healthcare organizations are challenged with providing regulatory content that fits every level and specialization of staff, from basic education to doctorate level, dentists to surgeons, and beyond. And training activities can include traditional eLearning, coaching, mock simulations, video, and more.

But how do you show that people are retaining and applying that knowledge and behavior to improve patient satisfaction, meet environmental and safety standards, or boost their skills?

Watershed serves as healthcare organizations' source of truth for learning, compliance, and performance information by combining data from not only your LMS, HRIS, ERP, but also EBP observations, simulations, checklists, and more.

By aggregating data across systems, you can track healthcare training reporting and results, access near-real-time results, and intervene where needed.

With Watershed, you can:

  • Assess if healthcare quality exams affect patient satisfaction survey scores.
  • Identify compliance training status and completions across groups, locations, or job roles.
  • Use code blue data to find trends in performance and knowledge gaps.
  • Compare EBP performance observation results across categorizations and locations.
  • Aggregate and automate reporting for compliance audits.
  • Evaluate learning and performance by physician or procedures.
  • Review qualitative and quantitative data in a single dashboard.

Ready to get started?

Our team of learning and technology experts is here to help you build an evidence-based learning strategy so you can get the most out of Watershed—and your learning programs.

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