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As an innovative software developer turned entrepreneur, Mike Rustici has been defining the eLearning industry for nearly 20 years. After co-founding Rustici Software in 2002, Mike helped guide the first draft of xAPI and invented the concept of a Learning Record Store (LRS). In 2013, he delivered on the promise of xAPI with the creation of Watershed, the flagship LRS that bridges the gap between training and performance.
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What Does 'Learning Analytics' Actually Mean?

By Mike Rustici | Dec 08, 2016
We covered the basics of learning analytics in our last post. Now, we’ll explore how people use this term and introduce you to the Watershed Method™ for learning analytics. Read More >

An Intro to Learning Analytics

By Mike Rustici | Nov 29, 2016
Analytics are all the rage these days, as they’re powering some truly remarkable advances across industries. While standing under a sign that says “learning analytics” is a great way to get some attention in the learning community, what is learning analytics and what does it mean for corporate learning programs?
Read More >
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