What Is Blended Learning? [Introduction]

People have an inherent desire to learn, but how we learn best is still up for debate. In this series, we explore trends related to blended learning and what they mean in practice.

Generally speaking, we learn through a variety of means and methods. And while these methods can be effective tools, only a small portion of learning occurs within the context of formal training—which is where many learning and development teams focus most of their energy.

A Changing Perspective

We are starting to see a change in how people view training methods. The growing popularity of the 70:20:10 model, for example, is helping learning and development leaders focus on informal and social learning activities. This trend has generally been positive and spurred the development of interesting products, projects, and technologies around this way of thinking.

Key Takeaways

In this series, we explain how you can track and report on blended learning and how you can support and encourage these experiences within your organization’s workforce to produce informal training that is more effective.

We will focus on the following topics while discussing each one's relevance, exploring practical implications, and providing helpful tips on how you can track and measure learning with xAPI and other methods.

  1. The 70:20:10 Model
  2. The Internet & Your Organization
  3. 70:20:10 & xAPI
  4. Microlearning
  5. A Guide to Content Curation & Blended Learning
  6. Content Curation: External Resources & xAPI
  7. Data Capture Strategies
  8. Prioritization, Step 1: Identify
  9. Prioritization, Step 2: Track
  10. Prioritization, Step 3: Learn
  11. Prioritization, Step 4: Act
  12. Capturing Social Learning
  13. Supporting Informal Learning
  14. Supporting Work-Based Learning
  15. Supporting Self-Directed Learning
  16. Challenging Negative Learning
  17. How to Track Data in VR Training

[Editor's Note: This blog post was originally posted on November 17, 2016, and has been updated for comprehensiveness.]

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