Barriers in Measuring the Business Impact of Learning


We’re entering the fourth year of our Measuring the Business Impact of Learning benchmarking survey with LEO Learning and Learning Technologies Group (LTG). That's why we’re excited to co-host a webinar on Tuesday, Nov. 5 to reflect on the results so far—specifically the biggest barriers in measurement planning and implementation, and how to overcome them.  

Heading in the Right Direction

Learning Analytics & Measurement

Based on the most recent research results, the learning analytics landscape continues to shift away from measuring “training for the sake of training” into a more strategic imperative. Though this shift is encouraging, the same barriers to measurement are still quite prevalent.

In fact, the most-reported challenges to learning measurement continue to be:

  • knowing how or where to start
  • convincing stakeholders that measurement should be the priority
  • accessing the necessary data for measurement 

Overcoming Measurement Challenges

Instead of focusing only on the state of measurement and making you feel good about being in line with your peers—or ashamed that you're not—we're shifting the conversation. Barriers to measuring learning can't be avoided, but they can be overcome.

Measuring Learning's Impact on the Business

Remember, it doesn't matter how far along you are on your path to measuring the business impact of learning. The challenge of identifying a starting point, gaining buy-in, and getting the right data will continue to surface across your initiatives.

After all, measurement is not a one-and-done story. It should be an ongoing initiative, evolving every time you evaluate results or add a new aspect to your learning program. It simply takes a few crayons, some planning, and a little charm. Or more specifically:

  • get started by designing for data and testing your efforts early in the process
  • get buy-in by defining your strategy and mapping out your ecosystem
  • get data by aligning with your vendors and asking stakeholders for help

And to find out how exactly to accomplish the remedies listed above, watch a webinar featuring Tim Dickinson, Ella Robertson, and Piers Lea. They'll explain both concepts and practical examples of how to get started, get buy-in, and get access to the data to start measuring the business impact of learning.

Don't worry. This isn't a sales pitch.

What are you waiting for? Learn more and watch the webinar recording—which is geared toward helping you, not pitching our products.

Watch the "Measuring Business Impact of Learning" webinar recording

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