We Like Fun and We Don't Care Who Knows

You spend a lot of your life working, but no one said it couldn’t be fun, right? We spend a good bit of our days charging hard, but we like to take breaks, have fun, and get out of our own heads for a bit.

How do you have fun at work?

It’s been several years since we learned about the benefits of the Levity Effect, and we aren’t turning back. When a problem gets too sticky, tense, or boring, we like to break things up with a little fun. Here are a few ways we do that.

We play games.

There are a lot of games in the Watershed office. We’ve stopped the spread of disease in Pandemic, perfected the elusive spin move at the ping pong table, and fallen victim to the magnetic pull of Klask. Magic the Gathering more your speed? We’ve got that too.

We get out of the office.

We really try to get out of the office at least once a quarter with the whole team. This gives us time to connect outside of work, hang out, and just have plain FUN.

We try not to take this too seriously, so you can find us playing paintball, mini golfing, or attempting an escape room. If there’s an inflatable obstacle course involved, we’re there.

We eat. A lot.

To some people, this may not sound like a ton of fun. Eating is just one of those things you do to—you know, to survive. But not for us.

We’ve gorged ourselves on every kind of dip you can imagine on Dip Day, pretended we were fancy over a steak dinner, created the most ridiculous ice cream sundaes and eaten more cupcakes and cookies than we care to admit.

We’ve also been known to ship in Saugy’s hotdogs for a random Tuesday grill out. We’d be lying if we said the way to our hearts wasn’t through our stomachs.

We hang out with our families.

I know you’re thinking hanging out with your family isn’t a thing you do at work. But you’re wrong. It’s called FamJam (see below) and gives us time to socialize with the amazing support systems behind each of our amazing employees.

We play games together, watch movies, let our kiddos run around like maniacs with spray chalk tagging our building, and eat (I told you we eat a lot).

These informal gatherings give our people a way to involve their families in what we do every day, without droning on about a new sale or code release over dinner every night.

No forced fun.

Before you ask, all of the things you see above are voluntary. You won’t find fun being forced in our office, it just happens. I’d love to leave a great quote about having fun and the huge business impact it’s having on us—but instead, I’m just going to school a coworker in Mario Kart.

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