Leading by Example

Watershed is an amazing place. Yes, our products are wonderful, but there’s a reason why they’re wonderful—it’s the talented, diverse, and slightly crazy group of people who work here. Are we perfect? Nope. But we’re proud of who we are, the company culture we’ve built, and where we’re headed. We believe in Watershed’s power to improve the way companies develop their people and, in turn, change the world for the better. Developing the world's most comprehensive learning analytics technology is a big deal, and it's something we take pretty seriously. 

Hiring great people is another thing we take seriously. Think you're a good fit for our team? Read this open letter first.

Our Core Values

Innovation and disruption are chaotic. That’s why we’re constantly pushing ourselves to the limit, each time reaching just a bit further outside our comfort zones. There will be setbacks, confusion, and mistakes. But we remain steady, confident, and dedicated to our core values—which are at the heart of all we do. They’ve brought us this far, and they’ll continue to push us onward and upward.

watershed core values

  • Be very real. In other words, be yourself, infuse your personality into all that you do, and don’t hide behind pretense (please tell us if we ever fail to live up to this standard).

  • Work with thoughtful urgency. We move fast, but with purpose and consideration. Building a company is a marathon, but there are times when we need to sprint.

  • Embrace positive debate. Although we solve difficult problems, we realize nobody has all the answers. Sometimes we disagree, but when we do, we do so respectfully and always presume each other’s positive intentions.
  • Seek constant improvement. Our work is never done because there’s always room for improvement. We appreciate constructive feedback and embrace mistakes, as they’re our best opportunities to learn.

  • Make others better. As we develop ourselves, we develop those around us. We exist to help our clients and their employees do their jobs better, reinforce their confidence, and realize their full potentials.

  • Have pocket presence. To make game-winning decisions, you must be prepared, insightful, and ready to take action in a blink of an eye.

BetterFits, Better Life

The people who join our team believe in our mission, love new opportunities, and welcome challenge. And having a solid ping pong serve doesn’t hurt either.

We offer some pretty great conventional benefits, which start from day one and include:

  • Health, dental & vision insurance (100% paid) & HSA with monthly company contributions
  • Life insurance
  • Short-term and long-term disability
  • Stock options
  • Retirement/401k (with matching up to 5%)
  • Flexible work hours, five weeks of vacation, and personal days

We also have a few unique perks that are better than benefits, which is why we call them BetterFits. Get it? The BetterFits program is designed to make every day great—inside and outside the office—by enhancing relationships, eliminating daily hassles, and reducing stress.

  • Casual Atmosphere: We strongly believe in flexible schedules so you can have a life outside of work. We also have open work spaces throughout the office so no one feels confined. Dress code? That’s pretty casual too.

  • Drinks and Snacks: Craving a healthy, sweet, or savory snack? In the mood for a La Croix, coffee, or something a little stronger? We’ve got you covered. Enjoy!

  • Office Concierge: Need help planning date night or your vacation? Do you need an oil change, lawn care, or a little TLC? We’ve got you covered. Don’t sweat the small stuff.

  • Team-Building Events: This is code for impromptu ping pong games, Magic: The Gathering battles, Silicon Valley screenings, hallway hangouts, and more.
  • Fam Jam: We actually like each other, so we designate several times a year to hang out with the whole group, families included.

  • Donation Matching: We match (1:1 ratio) donations of $25 or more to eligible organizations with a maximum yearly donation match of $1,000 per team member.

  • Sabbatical: Hard work and loyalty deserve to be rewarded. Every five years, team members get an extra five-week paid sabbatical to pursue a passion (yep, even if that passion is taking naps for five weeks straight).

  • Keep Your Computer: Everyone gets an Apple computer, which can be used for business and personal use. At replacement cycle, we buy new computers and each team member gets to take his or her computer home for good.