Case Study: CUES

See how Watershed gave CUES the ability to fully track member usage and engagement for all of their content and credit members for completed activities.

Business Challenge

CUES—an international membership association dedicated to the education and development of credit union CEOs, directors, and future leaders—delivered and tracked their online learning platform through a learning management system (LMS). However, CUES also provided members with access to a multitude of untrackable events, articles, and videos to further their professional development.

CUES desired the capability to fully track member usage and engagement for all of their content as well as give members credit for each activity they accomplished.

Data Challenge

Member usage of website resources and third-party content was completely unknown to CUES and their members, including both classroom training and informal learning. These venues were not designed to integrate with their LMS, and analyzing the underlying data proved very difficult, leading to a gap in understanding and visibility of what activities were taking place.

Due to the information gap, CUES and their members couldn’t get the most out of their learning experience. CUES was prevented from being able to personalize each members’ learning, and members were prevented from getting credit for every completed activity.


Teaming up with Watershed, CUES created “CUES Learning Tracker” and can now:

  • Outfit their website with xAPI tracking, which enables automatic tracking of interactions with articles, courses, videos, and new content
  • Deploy a browser bookmarklet, enabling a user to record any web experience

Using the newly collected data, CUES and their members receive reports and insights, allowing them to:

  • Identify member engagement ranging from the most and least active members
  • Identify content to promote or revise based on the most and least popular items
  • Precisely plan content development based on the most and least popular content types—such as videos, blogs, etc. (See Fig. Popular Content Types)
  • Understand how learners move through content, enabling CUES to improve their information architecture

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