Strength in Numbers

At Watershed, we believe that developing people makes the world a better place. We aim to reimagine the corporate learning ecosystem to create truly effective learning environments that put learners first while harnessing all of the amazing technology the world has to offer.

This is a huge undertaking, which we can’t accomplish on our own. This is especially true considering learning happens everywhere—through countless tools, experiences, and activities. That’s why we appreciate our partners, our collaborators, on this journey to reimagine learning.

Partner Types

Our partners are all forward-looking companies that believe in improving the status quo, and generally fall into these two categories:

1) Data Sources

Data Source partners offer tools that have been proven to produce useful xAPI statements. For us, a data source goes beyond a simple claim of xAPI conformance (for which there is currently no recognized certification standard). We have manually tested them in Watershed and can guarantee seamless integration and useful reports. We often have seamless integrations with data source partners, which is why it’s common for us to recommend these tools to clients or even supplement Watershed with these tools.

2) Integration, Implementation, Consultants & Resellers

These partners provide comprehensive services to help users create modern learning ecosystems—such as assistance getting started with an LRS and learning analytics. We’ve vetted and trained these partners to implement Watershed and integrate contemporary learning tools into a variety of environments. These partners also often resell Watershed and provide supplemental services.

Help Change the World

Interested in becoming a Watershed partner? Give us a shout—we’d love to hear from you! Be sure to tell us a little about yourself. Specifically, tell us your experience with xAPI and learning analytics and why you want to be a Watershed partner.

Become a Partner