What's the difference between a user account and an Essentials LRS account?

A Watershed Essentials LRS account is the production instance of an organization's Watershed license. A user account is tied to a specific user and can be tied to multiple Essentials LRS or Watershed Learning Analytics Platform (LAP) licenses.  

How many Essentials accounts can I be a part of?

A single user account can be tied to multiple Essentials LRS accounts, as long as you created the LRS account yourself or were invited to join another account

How many Essentials accounts can I create?

We love xAPI, and want you to love it, too. The intention of Essentials is to provide you access to a fully xAPI-conformant LRS. Please do not abuse this service by creating multiple accounts. 

What are the usage limitations of an Essentials LRS account? 

We're providing the free LRS so you can track your data, play with xAPI, and experience an LRS without having to make an up-front investment or commitment. To make this possible, there are no restrictions on the amount of statements, learners, or record providers you want to track. 
The only limitations center around the included reporting that's layered on top of the LRS, specifically:
  • Each LRS account has a single dashboard.
  • Each LRS account report will show data for all learners added to your account.
  • Configurable reports, correlation reports, groupings, and org hierarchy are not included.
  • Customization, multiple dashboards, and advanced configuration are not included.
Every Essentials LRS can be upgraded to include the functionality of a Learning Analytics Platform with one click. When you're ready to move beyond the LRS and more deeply evaluate your learning and performance data, let us know.

Is email, phone, or chat support included with my Essentials LRS?

Currently, Watershed's dedicated phone, chat, and email support is available only to Learning Analytics Platform customers. For general Essentials LRS or xAPI support, refer to the Essentials knowledge base and experienceAPI.com, respectively. We're constantly working to improve the knowledge base, so let us know if there is an article you'd like to see. 
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