How do I invite users to my Watershed Essentials account?

Adding users to your Watershed Essentials account is easy, but keep in mind that anyone you invite has admin rights to add, remove, or alter data and users—so be sure to choose wisely and instruct users accordingly. 

  1. To add a new user to your Watershed Essentials account, click “Settings” in the upper right corner of your dashboard and select “Watershed Users” from the dropdown menu.Invite users to Watershed Essentials
  2. You’ll be redirected to a new page, which lists all the users who have access to your account (including your name). To add new users to your account, click “Invite User.”Invite new users to Watershed Essentials
  3. Submit the form to invite additional users to your Essentials account. Existing Watershed users will receive notifications that they’re now associated with your Essentials account, while new users will receive an email with more details and login instructions.Add colleagues to your Watershed Essentials account
  4. After you’ve invited users, those who already have Watershed accounts will automatically appear in the “Current Users” section. Invitees without accounts will appear under the “Invited Users” section—and once they create accounts, their names will then appear in the “Current Users” section. 

After inviting users, you may need to refresh your webpage to see their current status.

Hey, don't forget!

Anyone you invite to your Essentials account can change your data as well as add or remove other users. It’s your responsibility to ensure everyone who has access to your account understands how to properly use Essentials.

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