We talk a lot about learning evaluation and measuring training's effectiveness. But how can we design effective training in the first place? Check out our latest blog series, which is aimed at instructional designers and anyone else who wants to know more about designing a learning program, experience, or resource that’s easy to measure and evaluate.
This June, 40 L&D professionals came together in Nashville for the second Watershed Insights Summit. A key takeaway from practitioner stories at this year’s event was the fact that learning analytics is fundamentally about engaging an audience.
In this learning ecosystem blog post, we'll show you real-world example of how The Behr Paint Company replaced its LMS with a learning ecosystem.
You spend a lot of time working, but no one said it couldn’t be fun, right? See how we've found the value in taking breaks, having fun, and getting out of our own heads for a bit,

Check out our blog series on aligning L&D programs with organizational goals. We discuss industry-specific examples and explore the world of office politics to gain support and buy-in for your learning programs.

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In this client spotlight, see how athenahealth’s Training and Enablement team is using an internal newsletter to keep their colleagues up to date with the organization’s program data, insights, and best practices.
xAPI Governance is a set of processes and controls to ensure the quality of your xAPI data. Good governance keeps your data tidy and makes your life easier when reporting on and using your data. This blog series covers everything you need to know, starting with the basics.

Whether it’s from L&D vendors or organizations building custom e-learning courses or assessments, the xAPI statement question we’re asked most often is, “How do I design xAPI statements for quizzes and questions?”.


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