While data can provide helpful insights and ease everyday tasks, leveraging it for deeper insights can pose real challenges. In this Dev Delve, David Ells focuses on two common issues when it comes to working with data—the prevalence of “data silos” and the work involved in solving the “data integration problem.” He'll unpack these terms and uncover the underlying details that contribute to each of these challenges. 

What do Star Wars, The Matrix, and Lord of the Rings have in common with data storytelling? Find out in our latest blog post as we discuss the basics of crafting an interesting, compelling business story with L&D insights using the Hero's Journey.

How much do you know about Talent Development Reporting Principles? Learn more about this standard L&D reporting framework from guest contributor David Vance of the Center for Talent Reporting.

Wonder why you don't hear more about large-scale xAPI adoption? Chances are, it's because it takes a long time for technology to take hold in the enterprise. Read this article for a real-world look at Visa's xAPI adoption timeline.

The granddaddy of learning technology systems is showing its age. Better defining how it fits in the modern learning ecosystem will ensure it continues to play a valuable role. Read more in Mike Rustici's op-ed piece, "The LMS Isn’t Dead … Yet," in Chief Learning Officer magazine.

News & Updates

See how our dev team used a client challenge to figure out how to maximize the number of dashboard reports per user while limiting page load times.

What does DoDI 1322.26's xAPI adoption mean for you and the L&D industry? Let's start with how a similar instruction impacted SCORM adoption in the e-learning industry several years ago.

Want to build an amazing wellness and benefits program, but not sure how to make it happen? Well, the answer is simple. It all comes down to employee satisfaction. 

Wanna see how we created a prototyped VR experience that sends data to Watershed? We rooted our learning and training use case in the safety space and asked users to identify safety hazards in an industrial environment. Read this blog post to see how everyone fared during the experience.


Nov. 28, 2017 | Webinar
Join Mike Rustici as he discusses the evolution of xAPI, its adoption in new technology, and more. 
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