Watershed Advanced Reporting & Analytics

We've got you covered.

Whether you want to loosely map learning analytics to your learning program or want to perform more complex reporting analytics, Watershed has you covered.

  • Start measuring learning activity with our Essentials LRS tier.
  • Evaluate varying degrees of data with our Essentials and Analyst tiers.
  • Use advanced evaluation and analytics to move toward predictive and prescriptive analysis with our CLO and Enterprise tiers.

There's power in numbers.

Watershed’s various reports let you compare learning, performance, and business metrics.

  • Measure the effectiveness or a learning program, approach, or medium against Kirkpatrick’s Levels of Learning Evaluation.
  • Use correlated measures to identify connections and outliers to find your best performers.
  • Compare metrics to see if learning experiences led to improved skills, better job performance, and business metrics.
Watershed Correlation Card
Watershed Advanced Card Configuration

Knock their socks off.

Advanced card configuration is perfect for more technical Watershed users who want to create custom reports.

You can even include custom dimensions, measures, and custom card text. And to make things easier for future use, there's a variety of options for caching and card-specific configuration.

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