Watershed Aggregated CSV Export

Report data is portable & flexible. 

You can do more than create beautiful reports with your learning and performance data. Watershed’s Aggregated CSV Exporting feature allows you to export your processed data into spreadsheets so you can then easily import that data into other systems. Pull aggregated data from Watershed to:

  • Power automated actions, such as personalized learning.
  • Perform more complex statistical analysis.
  • Convert interaction stream data into formats that BI tools better understand.

Any system can understand your Watershed data.

Aggregated data is the processed summary data that powers your report visualization in Watershed. While you can download raw interaction statements, it's this aggregated data that is generally better understood by other systems.

That's why we make it easy for other tools to automatically pull data from Watershed via our API. 

Watershed Aggregated CSV Exporting
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