Watershed Internal & External Learner Tracking

Track learners wherever they are.

If learning takes many forms, you shouldn't be limited to tracking and measuring training in an LMS. With Watershed, you can collect data and display reports about any learning activities. Now, you can:

  • Monitor formal and informal learning.
  • Track blended learning, such as coaching and collaboration, instructor-led training, and simulations.
  • Discover self-directed learning via videos, social media, curated content, online search, custom learning paths, and more.

Employees aren't the only learners.

Watershed's fully equipped to handle extended enterprise. Even when learners aren’t part of your organization, Watershed can report on and evaluate their learning experiences. For example, use learner tracking to monitor how:

  • Clients, customers, or members utilize your learning content and experiences.
  • Resellers use product-training materials with prospects in stores.
  • A third party uses Watershed to track pre-onboarding learning before learners have their employee IDs, and then links learning records once IDs are assigned.
Track Client, Customer & Member Learning with Extended Enterprise
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