Watershed Learning Program Report

Monitor learners' progress.

Whether it’s a single LMS course or a blended learning experience across multiple platforms, Watershed’s Program Card lets you monitor your learners’ progress so you can identify completions.

You also can see the learners who still needs to complete a course or program and which elements they have left to complete.

Track group training.

The Program Card is ideal for compliance training, change initiatives, or other learning experiences that require a group of people to complete.

You even have the flexibility to define a program’s milestones, such as optional steps that might ask learners to complete a certain number of items from a given list.

Learning Program Group Analysis
Watershed Learner Program Progress Report

See individual progress reports.

With your learning program configured, you can drill down into individual groups, people, competencies, assessments, and data sources.

You can also view a learner’s Person Card to see a list of all the programs he or she is enrolled in and his or her progress in each program.

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