Send unlimited xAPI Statements

Send as many xAPI statements as you want.

An xAPI statement is a single record of a particular interaction by a learner. For example, Jim answered a question, Kelly met with her mentor, or Michael completed a job task.

All learning records in Watershed are stored as xAPI statements—even if the data was delivered via a non-xAPI source (e.g., a CSV import)—and you can send unlimited statements to us without ever worrying about additional costs.

Get the big picture and stay in budget.

When you need to accurately predict the cost of an LRS while staying in budget, it's important to know why pricing based on stored statements or data volume just doesn't work.

  1. The more learning data you have, the more insights you get. But pricing per statement not only penalizes you from including all your data, but also means you miss out on a comprehensive picture of the learning happening across your organization.

  2. How many learning interactions do you think your learners will have during the next year? Statement numbers are difficult to predict, especially with so many potential factors to consider. Even your best estimate could be way off. Can you afford to take that chance?

Watershed doesn't limit xAPI statements.
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