What is a Learning Record Store?

What's an LRS?

A Learning Record Store (LRS) is a system for collecting all learning data in one place—regardless of where or how it happens. 

Watershed is an LRS and a Learning Analytics Platform (LAP). That means you can store learning records and use those records to produce reports and analytics.

All Watershed customers have access to the full range of LRS functionality defined by the Experience API specification. This includes the storage, modification, and retrieval of learning records via the Statement API and documents via the Document APIs.

Watershed, xAPI & More

The LRS component of Watershed is fully conformant to xAPI. In fact, the Watershed team was actively involved in the inception and development of xAPI. In other words, we’re the ones making clarity edits to the specification. 

We understand that not all tools are equipped to send xAPI statements, which is why our Learning Record Store has custom connectors, templated CSV uploads, and a few other tricks to get data in. That's right, even if the tools you use don't have native xAPI capabilities, Watershed can work with their data!

Watershed LRS
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