Watershed Report Builder

The wait is finally over.

Use Report Builder, Watershed's report-building tool, to quickly filter the data you need, organize it to answer your questions, and create a variety of visualizations. You also can easily adjust existing reports to meet your needs.

That means no more waiting for weeks for your data team to build a report or having to pay vendors to code custom reports into their applications.

Build beautiful, custom reports.

Create unlimited Dashboards and use Report Builder to fill them with as many reports as you need. Organize and present your data by choosing from several report types, ranging from basic bar charts to detailed, multi-visualization reports designed for learning data.

Report Builder lets you configure your data with easy-to-use filters—such as activities, people, groups, and/or time periods. You also can control whether your Watershed users can edit Dashboards and what data each of your users can see.

Build custom Watershed reports.
Watershed Measure Editor

It's surprisingly powerful.

Watershed’s reporting tool, Report Builder, comes pre-bundled with several default measures—including a Measure Editor that allows you to define and load your organization’s custom KPIs.

Default measures can provide high-level views of your data, while custom measures unique to your data allow you to find deeper insights. 

The Measure Editor gives your power-users the ability to serve up reports using your organization's vocabulary and allow anyone in your organization to track KPIs with live data.

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