xAPI (aka Experience API or Tin Can API) is a technical specification that defines how learning records can be transmitted to and between learning technology products. The specification eases the process of getting learning records out of the systems learners use and into a Learning Record Store (LRS), which stores records of learning in a common format. And this common format also increases effeciency for systems interpreting and presenting the data.

Watershed's LRS component is fully conformant to the xAPI specification. In fact, the Watershed team is actively involved in the development of xAPI and have been since its inception. We’re the ones making clarity edits to the specification. We’re also the ones testing the conformance test suite currently under development by ADL (because even test suites need to be tested themselves).

All Watershed customers have access to the full range of LRS functionality defined by the xAPI specification. This includes the storage, modification, and retrieval of learning records via the Statement API and the storage, modification, and retrieval of documents via the Document APIs.

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