xAPI Data Download via CSV

Anyone can take complex data from anywhere and convert it to xAPI.

Watershed’s Data Conversion Engine gives you access to non-xAPI data sources by providing a flexible, reusable solution. 

All Watershed tiers—including Essentials LRS—include basic access to the Data Conversion Engine.

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With the Data Conversion Engine, you’ll be able to:

  • Convert CSV data from anywhere into xAPI statements and store the converted data in an LRS.

  • Bring in organizational hierarchy and demographic data for use in Watershed reporting.

  • Save Data Conversion Templates for future use so anyone in your organization can quickly bring in new data.

  • Automate data transfer by connecting your data source directly to the Data Conversion Engine.

  • Transform data and fix bad data before it's converted to xAPI statements.

  • Enable complex reporting by creating detailed context and extensions for your data beyond just actor, verb, and object.

  • Design your own xAPI statements and store them in an LRS without needing an xAPI-enabled application.

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