A Complete Guide to L&D Data Requirements

How to get meaningful insights from your learning ecosystem: A complete guide to L&D data requirements

It’s no secret that L&D teams face obstacles when it comes to reporting to stakeholders and making data-driven decisions. How do you get meaningful insights when your learning ecosystem spans several territories, platforms and vendors?

Learner performance, content effectiveness, and business impact can be reliably reported on—it’s just a matter of getting your data sources to talk the same language. This is where your Learning Analytics Platform becomes your business ally and best friend!

Whether you’re planning an integration with an existing platform, writing an RFP, or discussing options with a vendor, this guide will help you to ask the right questions.

Download the ebook to discover:

  • How to assess your reporting requirements
  • What types of insights are available for each data source
  • Complete data requirements for 11 key areas:
    • LMS, LXP, Video, Survey Tool, Digital Credentials, Observation checklists, HRIS, BI Tools, ILT/VLT, AR/VR, Custom tools

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