Measuring the Business Impact of Learning in 2023

Watershed and GP Strategies are pleased to share our annual Measuring the Business Impact of Learning report with you. Now in its seventh year, the report looks at measurement habits, based on the views of over 2,600 learning leaders and professionals to date.

This latest report sees an exciting new approach to statistical analysis that reveals the link between measurement maturity and how the L&D department is viewed.

New questions were added that help identify the traits of L&D functions that are perceived as strategic partners to the broader business. Our findings show that those viewed as strategic are more closely aligned with the business and are better able to show value than departments viewed as less strategic.

Download the report to discover:

  • Why is it important for L&D to be strategic?
  • The traits that strategic L&D teams share
  • An overview of measurement habits in 14 key areas
  • Supporting resources to help progress your own measurement journey

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