Modernize Learning to Connect Competencies, Business KPIs, and Coaching

The Key Takeaway:

Andy Webb discusses how Applied Industrial Technologies aligned learning to business processes and KPIs, built a strategy to support where learning fits into the business, and developed an understanding of learning’s impact via competencies and performance improvement. You’ll also see how their program has matured and how results drove iterations of their delivery and measurement approach.

The Details:

Companies not immersed in modernization risk becoming irrelevant to business needs. Embracing new technology and data can help you deliver more effective, efficient training that measurably impacts the business. While there are some exciting technologies—such as VR, AR, and AI—surfacing in the learning space, building a foundation with data (and an LRS) should be a focus and not an afterthought. Forget theoretical or conceptual use cases—see a real-world case study of how Applied, a global distribution company, modernized their digital learning approach. During this webinar, Andy demonstrates how to: 

  • Create learning strategy alignment
  • Initiate learning technology roadmapping
  • Map learning to operational metrics
  • Modernize coaching and reporting

Andy Webb

Director of Training, Applied Industrial Technologies (AIT)

For 20 years, Andy Webb has been a catalyst at Applied for driving change in sales, operations and finance—always focused on associate learning. His SAP project experience and roles in learning, operations and communications provide business insights that leverage xAPI technology.

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