Digital Badges for Better Workforce Insights

Want to recognize your people’s learning in a way they can share publicly across social media? Consider building a badging (a.k.a. credentialing) program like PwC.

Watch this interactive show-and-tell with PwC’s Learning & Development team that built their global badge program—which promotes continuous learning and provides insight into their global workforce.

Badges at PwC aren’t just a novelty. They showcase the topics, learning methods, application requirements, and assessment techniques required to earn a particular badge—all based on PwC-specific criteria. See what data they are looking at, explore their data journey, and understand the kind of questions this program is already helping them to answer.

During this session, PwC will share:

  • What they are doing with credentialing and why
  • How badges support the people strategy
  • What questions a badging program can help you answer
  • How they connected the badging initiative to their broader tech stack
  • And most important, answers to attendees' questions

Meet the Speakers:

Alex Crispin

Senior Manager, Learning Analytics, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP

Alex leads the Global Learning and Development Analytics team at PwC. She’s worked in the learning and development arena for many years—focused on digital learning, instructional design, evaluation, learning strategy, and now analytics. Before moving into L&D, she spent many years as an IT consultant working with a wide variety of clients.

Dave Buglass

Director, Learning Services Operations, PwC

Dave leads the learning services operations at PwC. With more that 25 years of experience in learning and development, talent, and employee engagement, he is recognized as a passionate and disruptive voice on how HR needs to change at a time when technology continues to outpace internal investment. Put simply, Dave always focuses first on delivering on the outcome and why.

Joanne Veech

Director, Global L&D, PwC

Joanne is currently responsible for PwC’s MOOC strategy and is co-leading PwC’s Network Badge Program. Her 32 years in Development and Talent Management have provided her with an exceptionally deep network of PwC colleagues worldwide that enable her to set and implement organizational goals and change management practices—resulting in significant impact on territory operations and culture.

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