Getting Executive Buy-In for an LRS

How do you get executive buy-in for learning and training analytics?

Follow the money.

The ask for executive adoption of new technology and initiatives extend beyond the approval phase and into the business of ongoing results. Walk through a case study from executive pitch, through business alignment, and measuring ongoing learner application. During this webinar, we'll explore: 

  • two practical models to understand needs and motivations of leadership
  • how to recognize financial metrics and KPIs to frame your learning program in the language leadership understands
  • ways to better engage leadership throughout an LRS initiative

Meet the Presenter:

Andy Webb

Director of Training, Applied Industrial Technologies (AIT)

For 20 years, Andy Webb has been a catalyst at Applied for driving change in sales, operations and finance—always focused on associate learning. His SAP project experience and roles in learning, operations and communications provide business insights that leverage xAPI technology.

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