How to Use Learning Data to Answer Key Business Pain Points

Learning analytics offers insights that help address core business questions that influence, shape, and streamline the learning experience while aligning L&D with business outcomes.

Discover the data you’ll need to answer common questions, including tips on accessing and sharing these insights and selecting the visualization that suits your needs. We’ll explore questions by “analytics category” (i.e., learner experience, content utilization, learning programs) and run through questions that different business areas frequently ask.

In this session you will learn:

  • The data needed to answer FAQs and provide a breadth of insights for the business
  • How tailored reports can tell specific stories with tips on choosing the right graph types
  • How sharing relevant reports can motivate business leaders and learners to address gaps and develop potential
  • How learning data can fit into your organization’s overall business intelligence strategy

Bill Conran

VP of Strategy and Business Development, Watershed

Bill Conran focuses on evangelizing the message of utilizing analytics to improve the workforce. He is known for making complex solutions easy to understand and showing how software can create safer, more enjoyable organizations.

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